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One of the best ways to experience and appreciate the world's great landscapes is to don your boots and trek along trails and circuits, summit great peaks and hike to remote historical sites. The best of these trekking trails and challenges in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America are shown here.

To explore these, choose one of the three great trekking reions in the world above or browse through the options below - classified into Extreme, Challenging, Moderate and Easy to suit your preferences and experiences. Please note these are broad categories and you should check the details of individual trekking expeditions before embarking on one.


The world's toughest trekking and introductory mountaineering challenges

Everest Region - Challenging Treks
Other Nepal Trekking Circuits
Snow Leopards
Mount Damavand

Kilimanjaro Fitzroy Mountains Simien Mountains

Difficult but achievable classic trekking destinations

Mount Kilimanjaro
Simien Mountains
Mount Kenya
Everest Base Camp
Indian Himalayas
Everest and Gokyo Lakes
Annapurna Circuit
Bhutan Himalayas
Beyond the Annapurnas
Mount Roraima
Fitzroy Mountains
Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash
Kokoda Track
Japanese peaks
Tien Shan Trekking
Rwenzori Mountains
Virunga Volcanoes

Fish River Canyon Torres del Paine Atlas Mountains

Enjoy spectacular locations without pushing yourself to the limit

Inca Trails
Atlas Mountains
Everest Trails
Annapurna Sanctuary
Torres del Paine
Mount Meru
Mount Kinabalu
Taurus Mountains
Mount Rinjani
Ciudad Perdida
Fish River Canyon
Mountain trekking in Yunnan

Great Wall of China Copper Canyon Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra

Introductory trekking in fascinating cultural and natural locations

Annapurna Trails
Great Wall of China
Drakensburg Mountains
Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra
Madagascar Trekking
Mount Sinai
Cliff of Bandiagara
Copper Canyon