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Kilimanjaro is one of the great trekking experiences and adventure travel destinations in the world. But, though Africa's highest point, it's only one of many great mountain ranges and peaks that skirt the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. Unlike larger mountain ranges like the Himalayas or Andes, most of the peaks of these mountains are accessible to trekkers and therefore can be conquered by most travellers, including the challenge of Africa's Other Big 5. Click on each trekking destination for more details and tours.


Africa's highest mountain is one of the most popular treks in the world.

Mount Kenya

A stunning mountain that can be trekked to 4985m, just 200m from its peak.

Mount Meru

Tanzania's no.2 is good preparation for Kili and a worthwhile climb in itself.

Simien Mountains

The Ethiopian highlands are one of Africa's most beautiful trekking destinations.


Uganda's Mountains of the Moon offer a unique and rarely visited trek.

Virunga Volcanoes

Come for the gorillas, stay for tough hikes to the summits of these volcanoes.

Kilimanjaro Simien Mountains Virunga Volcanoes

Africa's other Big 5

Seeing the big 5 safari animals is at the top of most people's lists when visiting East Africa. However for adventurous travellers, a different Big 5 presents a greater challenge - climbing Africa's five highest mountains (more or less, see the qualifications below!). These are tough treks but achievable by anyone, unlike in other regions like the Himalayas none of these peaks require any specialist mountaineering skills. Conquering Africa's trekking Big 5 will be a hugely rewarding experience that few other visitors to East Africa will even envisage.

Mount Stanley (specifically Margherita Peak) is the highest peak of the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda. Ras Dashen is the highest point in Ethiopia's Simien Mountains.

CAVEAT! Mount Kenya is in fact Africa's second highest mountain, but its highest peak (Batian) requires specialist mountaineering skills to reach. Therefore we've shown Mount Kenya's highest peak accessible to trekkers (Lenana at 4985m). Think of this as the Top 5 Trekking Mountains! Strictly speaking, there are several other peaks in the Rwenzoris (as well as Kili's Mawenzi Peak) that are higher than Meru or Ras Dashen, but we've decided to just include one peak per mountain or range - it's more fun this way!