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The Snow Leopard peaks refer to the five mountains of the former Soviet Union with peaks of more than 7,000 metres. Scaling each of the peaks was a formidable challenge for Russian alpinists resulting in the prized Snow Leopard Award which is still recognised in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). There are three peaks in the Pamir Mountains - Ismail Samani or Communism Peak at 7495m, Peak Korzhenevskayaat 7105m (both in Tajikistan) and Ibn Sin or Lenin Peak at 7134m (on the Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan border) and two peaks in the Tian Shan - Jengish Chokusa or Peak Pobeda at 7439m (or the Kyrgyzstan/China border) and Khan Tengri at 7010m (on the Kyrzgystan/Kazakhstan border). Scaling the peaks demands extensive climbing experience and mountaineering skills.

Location: Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan

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