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The table mountains, known as tepuis, in the Gran Sabana of south-eastern Venezuela are a remarkable natural phenomenon that provide one of the great trekking challenges in South America. Mount Roraima is the highest of the tepuis at 2,835 metres, located close to the triple frontier with Brazil and Guyana. It was first climbed by British explorers Everard Thum and Harry Perkins in 1884, whose description of the mountain inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write his classic novel 'The Lost World'. Most of the plant life here is endemic to the region, evolving in complete isolation for millennia, though no dinosaurs have yet been found. The standard Roraima trek takes 6 days from Santa Elena, starting with a 2 day hike to the base camp from the Pemon Indian settlement of Peraitepui where porters and guides can be hired. The hike to base camp involves fording two rivers but is rewarded with beautiful views of Roraima and Kukenan Tepui, the adjacent table mountain, from which falls the world's second highest waterfall in the rainy season. The strenuous ascent though rainforest to the cliff edge and then up along a natural ramp, takes 3-5 hours. The summit is a bizarre world of black moss-covered pillars, strange rock formations, ravines, quartz crystals and the unique flora, a truly memorable experience. Most groups spend two nights camping on top of Roraima and when the clouds clear, there are stunning views of the Gran Sabana, Kukenan and the northern section of Roraima.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Location: Venezuela

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Angel Falls and trekking to the Lost World


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Angel Falls and trekking to the Lost World

Towering above the savannah and tropical forest of Venezuela's Gran Sabana region, the mysterious, sheer-sided Mount Roraima was the inspiration for Conan Doyle's book 'The Lost World'. Travelling to this remote region via the Pemon Indian settlement at Pareitepuy, our 6-day, fully porter-assisted trek takes us through open grassland, then cloud forest and finally via an unlikely secret pathway to Roraima's summit plateau. Exploring amongst the weird rock formations and unique plants of the mountain top, we have inspiring views of neighbouring table-topped peaks. A short flight then takes us to Canaima, where we begin our exciting journey by motorised canoe to the foot of the world's tallest waterfall, the 1000 metre/3200 foot-high Angel Falls. Camping below the falls, close to the palm-fringed river beach, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We round off this very special adventure vacation with 2 days of relaxation amongst the stunning coral-reef islands of Los Roques, located 100 kilometres/60 miles off Venezuela's north coast.