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The Kokoda Track is a 96km trail in Papua New Guinea famous for being the site of a series of battles between Japanese and Australian forces in 1942. The track has become very popular is recent years, largely by Australians, as a site of pilgrimage and a trekking challenge with more than 5,000 walkers now completing the trail every year. The track goes from Owen's Corner, 50km east of Port Moresby, through the Owen Stanley Range to the village of Kokoda. It is a tough trek through rugged domain which is only passable on foot. Although locals can complete the trail in only 3 days, the standard duration for tourists is 8-10 days.

Location: Papua New Guinea

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Kokoda Track


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Kokoda Track

For most the Kokoda Track is a fitting reminder of the Australian Army's heroic battles fought in 1942, to defend Port Moresby at extraordinary odds from the advancing forces of the Japanese. These historic encounters on the Owen Stanley Ranges ensure that the Kokoda Track remains a classic. In the company of our expert guide we trek across the geographical heart of PNG following trails from the tropical rainforests to the rarified climes of the ranges. At night we stay in secluded jungle camps and share experiences with the traditional villagers in some of the most remote regions of PNG. It takes ten days to cover the 96km trail - offering tremendous rewards and a feeling of accomplishment as we complete the final stages from the highlands to the township of Kokoda.