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Mount Kinabalu at 4,095 metres is the highest mountain in southeast Asia (outside of New Guinea). Scaling the mountain requires a strenuous two day trek, starting at Park headquarters at 1,900 metres and trekking to base camp at Laban Rata at 3,270 metres. From here a pre-dawn ascent takes three hours to reach the top and enjoy spectacular views with the sun rising over the misty emerald jungles of Sabah on one side and the blue waters of the South China Sea on the other. Kinabalu Park itself has a wide range of habitats that are passed on the climb, ranging from tropical rainforest to mountain forest and up to alpine terrain. It also has a huge diversity of plant and animal life, with over 6,000 plant species (including orchids, pitchers and Rafflesia - a rare parasitic plant with the world's biggest flower) and almost 300 bird species.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Location: Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu

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