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Travelling by train is one of the best ways to cross great distances while being able to appreciate the landscapes and culture of the country you're visiting. But some rail journeys are great destinations in themselves, due to their cultural and historical importance or for the chance to see spectacular landscapes along tracks that are engineering wonders.

We have divided these Rail Journeys into three categories:

Classic - the most famous and popular destinations and must-see travel experiences.
Alternative - something a bit different and off the beaten track, but no less spectacular.
Beyond - the true frontiers of travel, extraordinary destinations in some of the least visited regions on earth.

Trans-Mongolian Railway
Trans-Siberian Express
Trans-Manchurian Railway
The Eastern and Oriental Express
El Chepe - Copper Canyon Railway
Qingzang Railway (Qinghai-Tibet)
Bullet Train
Devil's Nose Railway
TanZam Railway
Reunification Express
Taurus Express
Indian Mountain Railways
Blue Train and Trans-Karoo
Serra Verde Express
Red Lizard Train
The Andean Explorer
Tren a las Nubes
Nefasit steam train