About Frontiers of Travel

Frontiers of Travel is an independent adventure travel website which provides inspiration for travllers, travel advice to plan your trips and extensive listings of tours and guidebooks from the world's best travel companies.

Why Frontiers of Travel?

Travel has become a boom industry in recent years, with more of the world open to travellers than ever before and a huge array of options available to those with a passion to explore. Frontiers of Travel was set up help users make sense of the bewildering array of possibilities, to find the best adventure travel tours for their chosen destinations and to be inspired to ever more exciting discoveries.

What do we mean by adventure travel?

Adventure travel means different things to different people. It's not necessarily just about scaling mountain peaks, rafting through white-water rapids or ziplining through jungle canopies (though we heartily recommend all of these). Adventure travel means a desire to truly explore the world - to encounter and engage with unique cultures, discover the great historic ruins of ancient civilisations, stand in awe at the planet's natural wonders and travel on epic journeys over land and sea.

Explore the ancient city of Petra, Jordan Sail through the Okavango Delta, Botswana Take a train to the Mongolian steppe

Perhaps it's easier to define what adventure travel is not - if your idea of a great holiday is an all-inclusive beach resort, a cruise on the Med or Caribbean or taking the kids to Disneyland, then this probably isn't for you. We don't have any trips to skiing resorts on this site - actually no, we do have one. But it's to Afghanistan!

What does Frontiers of Travel offer?

There are four main aspects to this website, some or all of which will appeal to adventure travellers.

We have extensive listings of tours from many of the world's leading adventure companies - everything from epic three month long overland journeys to day trips and activities. Our unique method or organising and presenting tours allows you to quickly and easily find the tours that match your itinerary and travel plans without having to trawl through hundreds of irrelevant options. Each tour is individually selected and mapped to country, regions, trekking tours and multi-country overland journeys. Succinct summaries allow you to assess the available options and direct links to the tour companies websites enable you to instantly get detailed information, check availability and book the tour. You can also discover hundreds of specialist tours including cycling, trekking, family, photography and many more. See our tour page and FAQs for more details.

Looking for ideas and inspiration for your next bg adventure? How about an epic overland journey like the Silk Road, Trans-Siberian Railway or overlanding through Africa? Discover the great travel experiences for trekking, wildlife, history and many more. Or check out our extensive travel highlights for all the major destinations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East - simply browse through out travel destinations.

Trip Planning
Take the hassle out of planning your foreign adventure. We have extensive information on visas, vaccinations, currencies, country backgrounds and more for every country on earth to help you organise your trip. And our virtual travel bookshop has over 2,000 titles from all the major publishers, mapped to continents, countries, regions and cities, which you can purchase with a single click to Amazon or Waterstones.

Travel writing & articles
Although Frontiers of Travel is not a travel blog as such, we do post in depth articles and travel guides to hopefuly inspire and inform your future adventures. Our Travel Articles section is open to anyone to share their writing and experiences, so if you're interested in posting an article here, please get in touch.

Who is this website geared towards?

At Frontiers of Travel, we don't believe there's a right or wrong way to explore the world (aside from the caveat about beach holidays, ski resorts and cruises above!). Everyone should find their own path when it comes to travel - that's really the whole point of it. So whether you like to travel independently or prefer group travel, are planning a gap year (or years) or taking a two week holiday from the office, then there's something on Frontiers for you.

What are you waiting for?

Get stuck in! Browse through the best travel experiences and overland journeys in the world or get inspiration from our travel articles. Explore out huge choice of the best adventure travel tours from the world's best travel companies. Your next adventure starts here!