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The extraordinary buildings, monuments and cities that are reminders of the great civilisations, events and periods in history provide some of the most fascinating and memorable travel experiences. Below are some of the great historical attractions in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

We have divided these Historical attractions into three categories:

Classic - the most famous and popular destinations and must-see travel experiences.
Alternative - something a bit different and off the beaten track, but no less spectacular.
Beyond - the true frontiers of travel, extraordinary destinations in some of the least visited regions on earth.

The Egyptian Pyramids
Egyptian Temples
The Great Silk Road Cities
Machu Picchu
Chan Chan
Historical monuments of Zimbabwe
Taj Mahal
Mughal Monuments of India
Rapa Nui / Easter Island
City Ruins of the Mayan Civilisation
Archaeological Site of Teotihuacan
Axumite Empire
Archaeological Site of Monte Albán
Ancient Persian Cities
Terracotta Warriors
Ancient Cities of Kingdom of Siam
Luang Prabang
My Son
Roman Sites in the Middle East
Roman sites in North Africa
Pyramids and Temples of Sudan
Roman Sites in Turkey
Ciudad Perdida
Medieval Japanese Castles
Legacy of Ming and Qing Dynasties
Historic Sites of Sri Lanka
Koguryo Kingdom
Desert Cities of Rajasthan
Crusader Castles
Archaeological Site of Troy
Slave trade in West Africa
Ancient Forts of Oman
PetraTaj MahalEphesusTerracotta Warriors