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These are not cruises in the Caribbean or the Med, but real journeys and expeditions along rivers, lakes, bays, wetlands and in open seas, offering beautiful landscapes and the chance to experience the unique cultures of the peoples who along these waterways. Below are some of the most interesting boat journeys in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Polar regions.

We have divided these Boat Journeys into three categories:

Classic - the most famous and popular destinations and must-see travel experiences.
Alternative - something a bit different and off the beaten track, but no less spectacular.
Beyond - the true frontiers of travel, extraordinary destinations in some of the least visited regions on earth.

Nile Cruise
Niger River Cruise
Gambia River Cruise
Okavango Delta
Galapagos Islands
Irrawaddy boat cruise to Mandalay
Antarctic Expedition
Spitsbergen Expedition
North Pole Expedition
Amazon Rainforest - Brazil
Lake Titicaca (Peru)
Orinoco Delta
Halong Bay
Mekong Delta
Lake Nasser Border Crossing
Yangtze River Cruise and Three Gorges
Crossing the Andes
Lake Tana Monasteries
Kerala Backwaters
Gulet Cruise Along Lycian Coast
San Juan River Cruise
Halong BayKerala BackwatersOkavango DeltaCrossing the Andes