Middle East & North Africa

The Middle East is where history happens. Home to, or conquered by, most of the great civilisations and empires of human history, the historical legacy of the region is unparalleled across the world. Egyptian pyramids and temples, Roman cities and amphitheatres, Crusader castles and the rock-carved city of Petra only begin to describe the wonders of the area. The Middle East is also home to many of the holiest sites of the three great Abrahamic religions, including the incomparable Jerusalem. History isn't confined to the past here however - ongoing conflict and revolutions can make travel in the region difficult and hazardous - the rewards on offer are worth any incovenience though so don't miss out.

To begin your exploration of North Africa and the Middle East, use the map below to focus on specific regions, countries and the great multi-country journeys of the region. For further inspiration, explore the great North African and the Middle East travel experiences below.

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The Classics

Explore the ancient wonder of Egypt's Pyramids

Go on a pilgrimage to the incomparable city of Jerusalem

Sail down the Nile River on a traditional felucca

Discover the rose-red, lost city of Petra in Jordan