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The main attraction for visitors to the Virunga Volcanoes is the chance to track mountain gorillas. However there are also several excellent trekking options here with several of the volcanoes being opened to hikes. Mount Visoke at 3711 metres is topped by a beautiful crater lake with a trek to the top and back taking 6-8 hours. Further west on the border with the DRC is Mount Karisimbi, Rwanda's highest mountain at 4507 metres, a tough overnight trek through several vegetation zones. Between these two volcanoes lies the ruins of the Karisoke Research Centre, the research site and burial place of Dian Fossey and some of her favourite gorillas. Further south just across the border from Rubavu/Gisenyi in the DRC lies the active volcano of Nyiragongo, a challenging overnight trek which offers the chance to walk along the volcano rim staring at the huge lava pot below. Treks can be arranged though tour companies in Kigali or Musanze/Ruhengeri.

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo Rwanda

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