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While not as big as Kilimanjaro in terms of height (at 4566m) or popularity, trekking Mount Meru provides a good acclimatisation for a subsequent climb of Kili as well as a worthwhile climb in itself. The summit provides magnificent views of the forest and plains below and Kili's peak in the distance.

Location: Tanzania

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Trekking to Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro


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Trekking to Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro

On this double peak holiday we acclimatise with a trek to the summit of Mount Meru before moving on to climb Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. As well as being a worthy objective in its own right, the ascent of Mount Meru prior to tackling Kilimanjaro means that you will be well acclimatised and this will ensure that your experience in Tanzania is remembered as a holiday rather than a feat of endurance. Flying in to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, gives us speedy access to Mount Meru (4566m). Our ascent of this dormant volcano involves a wonderful 4-day trek, leading through pleasant game-filled parkland and then bamboo forest and moorland, to the dramatic crater rim. Here, we can look across with a sense of anticipation to snow-capped Kilimanjaro, 70 kilometres away to the east. Before transferring to Kilimanjaro, we enjoy a game drive in the Arusha National Park, an outstandingly beautiful nature reserve where we can expect to see elephant, buffalo, giraffe, antelope and numerous bird species. Having acclimatised on Meru, we will be in good shape to enjoy the ascent of Kilimanjaro, following the picturesque Machame route to the Shira Plateau from where we make our final ascent directly to the 'Roof of Africa'.