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One of Africa's top destinations, Tanzania offers a wealth of options for adventure travellers. The most popular safari tours focus on the famous attractions in the north of the country (including the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater) while southern Tanzania offers vast, unspoilt reserves far from the tourist crowds. The country's other main attraction lies in conquering Africa's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, with various routes available below. Many trips to Tanzania will finish in the paradise island of Zanzibar. Tanzania is also one of the key stops on overland journeys through Africa - either combining the safaris of the east of the continent or along the epic Great African Journey.

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Tanzania: In The Footsteps of Livingstone

15 days       from  £6500 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Tanzania: In The Footsteps of Livingstone

Congregationalist, missionary and explorer, David Livingstone was one of the most popular heroes of the Victorian age. The first European to cross the width of southern Africa, his pioneering zeal contributed in no small part to Europe's later unquenchable 'Scramble for Africa'. This remarkable adventure follows in his inspirational footsteps, charting part of his journey across eastern Africa as we make our way from Dar Es Salaam to Lake Tanganyika and the site of his famous meeting with Henry Morton Stanley in 1871. Utilising a number of different modes of transport including 4WD vehicles, dugout canoes and privately chartered boats, we will travel through landscapes that have probably changed little since Livingstone first passed this way over a century and a half ago. Along the way we'll take in the spectacular Kalambo Falls and the tranquil waters of Lake Nyasa, track chimps amongst the dense forests of Mahale National Park and cruise the expansive waters of Lake Tanganyika, a vast inland sea that covers the southern limits of the Rift Valley. Always conscious of our journey's inspiration, we visit the busy port of Kigoma, a town synonymous with Livingstone, Stanley and that all too famous first meeting. We end our tour in Bagamoyo,where Livingstones body was laid out in a church awaiting transport to Zanzibar.

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