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The Great Indian Adventure

44 days       from  £9995 excl. flights*
Tour Map of The Great Indian Adventure

In the year India celebrates its 70th year of independence, and the 15th year of our association with it, Wild Frontiers is excited and proud to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel in style around this great country. From the palaces of Rajasthan, to the backwaters of Kerala and from the mayhem of Kolkata to the tranquillity of Goa's endless beaches, we will take you on a journey of discovery by way of 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with three esteemed India commentators to help you unlock the secrets of this beguiling country. Using some of the region's finest hotels, best restaurants and most engaging guides this is a voyage into the heart of the country, though her captivating urban centres and her evocative countryside. On this tour you will witness all the colour, culture and beauty of India as well as getting away from the madding crowds.Join William Dalrymple, Patrick French and Jonny Bealby on a true Indian journey of a lifetime!

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Heart Of India

18 days       from  £2595 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Heart Of India

Often overlooked by in favour of the more tourist-friendly regions to the north and south, for the committed Indiaphile, the centre of the country offers a magical mix of experiences, well off the beaten track. From manic urban centres to remote wilderness, bustling bazaars to tranquil villages, exotic architecture to endless beaches, Central India has it all.

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Mumbai to Kashmir: A Passage To India

16 days       from  £2950 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Mumbai to Kashmir: A Passage To India

Following in the footsteps of E.M Forster’s classic tale, A Passage to India, this wonderful and innovative itinerary takes you from the very edge of the great subcontinent at Mumbai’s Gateway to India, via the famous Buddhist caves of Ellora and Ajanta, a few other WF favourite locations, and on to the beautiful Vale of Kashmir. On this trip you will witness many of India’s most inspiring monuments - including the Taj Mahal - visit some of her most colourful cities and enjoy many of her serene and mellow villages. It is a trip that has something for everyone, including the chance to cook, spot game and stay in some awe inspiring palaces and private forts. At Wild Frontiers we pride ourselves at being able to produce something that is not only different but excellent as well - in our Passage to India itinerary, we believe we have done just that.

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Indian Tribal Odyssey

15 days       from  £2595 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Indian Tribal Odyssey

Few visitors get to see the real India; to truly experience the daily beauty of the rural landscape away from the crowded urban centres that lie along the main tourist trail. At Wild Frontiers we believe that the time has come to head back into the wild heart of India, to offer a chance to witness firsthand the day to day existence of the vast majority of India’s rural population. This extraordinary odyssey takes you on an in-depth journey through the villages and tribes of the eastern states of Chattisgarh and Orissa, to visit some of the most interesting temples and isolated people on the subcontinent, before continuing on to Andhra Pradesh. Remote and largely untroubled by mass tourism, here you can enjoy India at its most authentic and nature at her most beautiful. You will have a chance to visit colourful markets and interact with people whose ways of life have remained unchanged for generations. You will also experience the novelty of staying in some truly fabulous heritage properties and enjoy the sights and sounds of Kolkata and Hyderabad, two of the country’s most culturally and historically fascinating cities.

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All the adventure you want, with a softer landing. Handpicked, character-rich accommodations with upgraded amenities services. Upgraded and private transport, including flights to maximize time. More included meals, activities and transfers.

Iconic India

14 days       from  £1469 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Iconic India

Why decide between India’s north or south when you can do both on this unforgettable two-week introduction to this incredible country? Explore Rajasthan’s grand forts and palaces, discover a new level of relaxation on a houseboat in Kerala’s backwaters, and learn about traditional culture in the small village of Sawarda. Throw in the glorious Taj Mahal, the “Pink City” of Jaipur, and Kochi's fishing markets and you've got two weeks you’ll remember forever.

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