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With the end of its civil war, Mozambique is now opening up to visitors again. Lying in south-east Africa on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique is renowned for its beautiful beaches which offer great relaxation as well as some excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities. The influence of Portugese colonisation is still strongly felt in historical towns such as Inhambane, the Island of Mozambique and the capital Maputo, now a vibrant and thriving modern city. Mozambique also offers wildlife viewing, particularly as part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, one of the world's largest trans-national conservation areas. Explore in depth highlights of Mozambique.

Travel Information for Mozambique
Time zone:GMT +2 (Central Africa time) Daylight savings:    None
Main languages:Portuguese
Other languages:Cisena, Echuwabo, Elomwe, Emakhuwa, Ndau, Tsonga, Xichangana
Currency: Mozambique new metical (MZN)

1 = MT81.71, $1 = MT73.23, £1 = MT97.38

(rates as of Sep 2016)

Internet Domain:.mzInternational Dialling Code:    258

For help planning your trip to Mozambique including visas, vaccinations, currency exchange, flights, accomodation and insurance, see our Mozambique trip planning page.

Further information on Mozambique

Discover more about Mozambique - the country's geogrpahy and natural features, an assessment of its status on freedom and rights and data on the country's population and economy.

Geography & Natural Features

Map of mozambique

Total area: 801,590 sq km (17,500 sq km under water)

Coastline: 2,470 km (Mozambique Channel)

Neighbours (border lengths): Malawi (1,569km), South Africa (491km), Swaziland (105km), Tanzania (756km), Zambia (419km), Zimbabwe (1,231km)

Climate: Tropical climate with a dry season from April to September and rains from October to March.

Highest mountain: Monte Binga (2,436m)

Freedom & Rights

Summary status and rankings for Mozambique from classifications of different organisations measuring political and economic freedom, democracy and civil rights. See more details of these rankings.

Freedom in the WorldPartly Free -
Democracy IndexHybrid regime 107/167
Economic FreedomMostly Unfree 125/179
Press FreedomNoticeable problems 83/179
ILGA LGBT rightsSome rights -
Corruption PerceptionsMedium corruption 119/174
Overall Ranking:    103/195

Other Data & Links

Full name: Republic of Mozambique     Status: Independent Country

Population: 24,692,144 (rank: 50/196)     Density: 30.8 people/sq km (rank: 148/196)

Ethnic groups: African 99.66% (Makhuwa, Tsonga, Lomwe, Sena, and others), Europeans 0.06%, Euro-Africans 0.2%, Indians 0.08%

Religions: Catholic 23.8%, Muslim 17.8%, Zionist Christian 17.5%, other 17.8%, none 23.1% (1997 census)

GDP (PPP): $28.15 billion       GDP per capita: $1,200 (rank: 182/195)

Information derived from the CIA World Factbook. Other country profiles: BBC News.