Country: Russia

Explore the city of Moscow in Russia, whether on a city break or as part of a longer trip. Short tours and activities for Moscow and nearby attractions are shown below (where available). You can also check out a wide range of guidebooks from the link above and explore flight and accomodation options from our industry leading partners below.

Russia's political and spiritual capital is a vast city with a rich cultural and historical legacy. An exploration of Moscow must begin at the famous Red Square, home to Lenin's mausoleum and the unmistakeable and beautiful colourful onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral, Ivan the Terrible's 16th century church. Moscow's Kremlin is a must-see - this fortress was built between the 14th and 17th centuries and contains cathedrals, palaces and museums like the Armoury, a collection of the Tsar's treasures including the famous Faberge Eggs. The Moscow metro is not only useful for getting around the city but many of the ornately decorated stations are attractions in themselves. The Weekend Market in Izmaylovsky Park is excellent for souvenir shopping, while for a more upmarket option, try the GUM department store. The cultural options at night are endless - from clubs to the circus and opera or ballet, including the world famous Bolshoi Theatre.


Tours of Moscow

There are 2 General tours for Moscow available.

Price: £86

Duration: 3-3.5 hrs


Moscow Bunker & Underground

Step underground and discover the history, art and stories of the capital on this unique Moscow tour. Ride the metro to see some of the artwork adorning the stations, and explore a military bunker that once housed 600 people during the Cold War. With stories to tell and a shot of vodka to warm you up, this is a fascinating look at the belowground world of the Russian capital.

Price: £58

Duration: 3-3.5 hrs


Moscow Explorer

Combining golden domes and grey concrete buildings, colourful churches and glistening glass skyscrapers, Moscow is brimming with a fascinating mix of architectural styles. Escape the city centre for the best views of it all, and to learn about the making of this modern metropolis, on this unique Moscow tour.

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