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Set in stunning scenery of mountains and dense forests, the scared sites of the Kii mountains - Koya San, Yoshino and Omine and Kumano Sanzan, are ancient sites home to numerous shrines reflecting the fusion of Shinto and Buddhism. The main monastery at Koya San is the centre of the Shingon school of Esoteric Buddhism which was founded in AD 816 by Kobo Daishi, Japan's most revered religious figure. His mausoleum is the most famous tomb of the Okunoin cemetery on Mount Koya, where it is believed he is in a state of catatonic meditation within the mausoleum lying in wait for the future Buddha Maitreya. The ancient Saiganto-ji Shrine of the Kumano sect is located along the cedar-lined Daimonzaka trail and overlooks the thundering wonder of Nachi Waterfall. It has attracted pilgrims here since the 10th century.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Location: Japan

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