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Most tours visit Malawi as part of overlanding trips through Africa, with its location making it a key link between eastern and southern Africa and the beaches along Lake Malawi providing a well deserved rest on these long journeys. Tours which focus specifically on Malawi are often combined with the world class safari experience of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

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Our Discovery collection draws together the best of our holidays that focus on the culture of a destination, as well as on visiting iconic sights and embracing local traditions. Some of these Discovery holidays will also have an element of activity, combining sightseeing with short walks, for example. Others might have a multi-activity holiday format, including biking and/or rafting, for instance, and these holidays are specifically designed for the adrenaline seeker! Also within our discovery collection are those of our holidays with a wildlife emphasis, photographic workshops, and polar cruise holidays. Never too physically demanding, these are predominantly touring holidays and their grade (usually towards the lower end of our 1 to 12 scale) reflects, in part, the remoteness of the area visited and the conditions likely to be encountered. Our Discovery holidays allow the discerning traveller to get right to the heart of many of the world's most stimulating destinations.

Trek Malawi's Mount Mulanje & South Luangwa

13 days       from  £1795 excl. flights*

This two week safari and trekking holiday offers a real journey of adventure and discovery through the heart of Africa's warmest nations - Malawi and Zambia. Famed for its serene savannahs and high wildlife populations we begin our adventure in Zambia's pristine South Luangwa National Park. With over sixty different animal species and four-hundred different bird species, South Luangwa is possibly one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. From our comfortable waterside lodge we take a 4WD and spend several days exploring the vast and rich eco-systems in the company of our expert guide. By day we attempt to seek out the famous Luangwa Leopards, prides of lions and vast herds of elephants and in the evenings, we may be lucky enough to spot hippo, antelope and other species of African wildlife gathering at the water's edge. Acclimatized to the pace of African life, we return to Malawi with a short stay at the Kuti wildlife reserve before heading south into the rich and luscious lands of the Mulanje Massif. From here we enjoy a fully supported, well-paced challenging 5-day trek to the highest point of the massif - Sapitwa (3002m). Our ascent follows villager's trails through tea plantations, lowland forests and past spectacular waterfalls that lead onto the famous granite boulders of Mulanje. Often shrouded in a picturesque mist, Muljane is aptly named the ‘Island of Sky' and is an achievable non-technical trek for those looking to discover a real hidden gem of great African walks. Our grand finale to this adventure holiday, heads north to the heart of this friendly nation, Lake Malawi. Spending two nights on the tranquil shores of Lake Malawi's Maleri Island, we enjoy winding down at our rustic paradise resort.

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Malawi & South Luangwa

12 days       from  £2029 excl. flights*
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Often referred to as the 'Warm Heart of Africa', Malawi is a hidden gem among its larger southern African neighbours. We walk across the forested Zomba Plateau offering incredible panoramas over Mozambique and descend to the shores of the impressive Lake Malawi. Staying in comfortable lodges and chalets, we cross into Zambia for some world-class game viewing in South Luangwa National Park.

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