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Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfalls at 980 metres, are located in Canaima National Park in south-eastern Venezuela. The Falls are a spectacular sight as the water plummets downwards off the cliff of the table mountain Auyantepui and vaporises in mid-air before settling in the pool below. Only discovered by outsiders for the first time in 1937 by American aviator Jimmie Angel, the Falls' remoteness adds to their appeal. They can only be reached by a two or three day trip on motorised canoe from the Indian settlements of Canaima or Kamarata, both of which are only accessible by air, with the journey only possible in the wet season. After sailing around Auyantepui and into the Devil's Canyon, a short hike through rainforest takes you to the base of the Falls to view the stunning scale of the cataract and, if water levels aren't too high, to bathe in its pool. On the way back to Canaima lie the broad Sapo Falls where it's possible to walk on a path behind the curtain of water and experience the stunning power of the cataract. A quicker way to see Angel Falls is to take a flight from Ciudad Bolivar for a panoramic view of them and their surroundings, though frequent cloud cover can make sightings difficult.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Location: Venezuela

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