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The Turquoise Coast in Lycia in southern Turkey is a great area for adrenaline activities. Based around the charming port town of Kas, there are numerous options over land, sea and air to keep every adrenaline junkie satisfied. To the northwest of Kas, the Dalaman River offers white-water rafting with rapids classed as Grade 3-4. To the east of Kas lies Kekova Island with an ancient sunken city off its northern shore. Kayaking along these waters allows you to see the ruined walls, stairs of houses and the outline of its jetty submerged in a few metres of translucent, turquoise water. Kas is also an excellent spot for diving or snorkelling with numerous dive sites, clear waters and a good variety of sea life. Downhill mountain biking in the hills above Kas, along asphalt roads and rough tracks, is an exhilarating experience as well as offering some stunning views of the coast and mountains. Paragliding from a jump point of 1,000 metres takes you over Kas, the coast and nearby islands. Finally the mountains behind Kas have some spectacular gorges that are excellent spots for canyoning.

Location: Turkey

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