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The Orinoco Delta is the north-east of Venezuela is a maze of creeks and channels that form one of the largest and most remote wetland areas on earth. It is home to the Warao Indians who have preserved much of their ancient culture. They live in stilt houses called palafitos, connected by walkways, and travel the Delta on dugout canoes, living by fishing and the cultivation of jungle clearings. The Mareche tree is used by the Warao to make their houses and hammocks and the pulp of the tree is used to make a sticky bread delicacy. Travelling through the Delta and staying in Warao villages allows you to experience their way of life and appreciate the pristine natural landscapes, waterways and mangrove forests of the Delta region. The wetlands are home to a variety of bird and animal life including capuchin and howler monkeys, river dolphins, piranhas and anacondas.

Location: Venezuela

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