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The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most extraordinary and important ecosystems on earth, vital for the maintenance of life on the planet as well as for its own hugely diverse animal and plant populations. Staying in lodges in the jungle allows you to explore the pristine natural environment, learn about the variety of plant life and their uses by indigenous people and spot the myriad animal and bird life present. Fishing for piranhas, spotting caiman by torchlight, visiting indigenous communities and searching for pink dolphins on boat trips are some of the fascinating activities available. A boat journey along the Amazon or one of its many tributaries will also allow you to experience life on the waterways which are often the main means of communication and transportation in the region. Visiting riverside settlements, watching the jungle as you glide past and sleeping in a hammock underneath the stars makes for an unforgettable experience. The journey is best taken on a small, traditional two-decked riverboat for a more authentic experience and to allow you to get closer to the rainforest.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Location: Brazil

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