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Trans-Siberian Express

The original Trans-Siberian route extends all along the vast length of Russia, covering 8,000km and 8 time zones to connect Moscow with Vladivostok on its eastern coast. See full tour highlights

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Trans-Siberian Express

19 days       from  £10295 incl. flights*
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Step on board the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express and be transported back to the romantic age of rail travel as we wend our way across the Russian steppes to the Sea of Japan in unprecedented luxury. This unique journey along the Trans-Siberian Railwayis not so much a holiday as a true odyssey.

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Great value, reasonable prices, quality experiences. Comfortable and varied tourist-class accommodations chosen for location and character. Mix of public and private transport for the best overall experience. All the top highlights included, plus plenty of time to explore on your own.

Epic Trans-Siberian Journey

17 days       from  £2082 excl. flights*
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Imagine trying to cover ground across Russia far west to far east a crazy thought, huh? The solution: Get on the Trans-Siberian with us and watch this epic land glide by through the window of a comfortable train. After visiting the historic sights of Moscow, take the train through the Ural Mountains (and cross into Asia!) to Yekaterinburg, before heading to the heart of Siberia in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Learn about Buryat culture in Ulan Ude before heading to the coast in Vladivostok. The whole trip covers 9,300km (5,778 mi) and crosses seven time zones. Whether you go in the summer or winter, this trip is the definition of epic.

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