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Southern Africa Full Circle (Joburg/Vic Falls/Cape Town) (1)

Vic Falls - Cape Town (via Botswana/Namibia) (9)

Vic Falls - Namibia (3)

Namibia - Cape Town (6)

Joburg - Cape Town (via Vic Falls) (1)

Joburg - Vic Falls (via Cape Town) (0)

Vic Falls - Cape Town (via Joburg) (4)

Joburg - Vic Falls (via Zimbabwe) (1)

Joburg - Vic Falls (via Botswana) (2)

Joburg to Vic Falls to Joburg (2)

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Namibia - Cape Town

Namibia's stunning desert and mountain landscapes are the highlight of this route which also encompasses the magical city of Cape Town and South Africa's western coast. See full tour highlights

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Our tours are packed with action and adventure, travelling through a country to experience its culture and to meet the local people. But they’re also about experiencing the awesome beauty of the natural world, the most inspiring landscapes on every continent. You could join one of our Inspiring Landscapes tours to see for yourself the soaring peaks of the Himalaya, experience the vast emptiness of the Sahara, walk in the immense Amazon Rainforest or witness the spectacular, wind- and water-eroded landscapes of the western United States. Closer to home you could wonder at the soft contours of Tuscany’s rolling hills or the dramatic, lava-strewn volcanoes of Iceland. When you discover these landscapes with Explore you won’t just be having a look, taking a photo and moving on. You’ll appreciate them all the more by staying longer and interacting with nature, usually on foot: getting in amongst the mountains, the trees and the sand-dunes – and really soaking up the atmosphere of the place.

Namib Lodge Safari + Cape Escape

23 days       from  £3185 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Namib Lodge Safari + Cape Escape

This adventure combines a journey across the desert landscapes and national parks of Namibia with a tour of South Africa's scenic Western Cape. We can watch the sun's rays cast shadows over the world's highest sand dunes and walk along narrow paths through Sesriem Canyon. Staying in comfortable lodges along the route we track big game through Etosha and Waterberg Plateau National Parks, visit cheetahs in a conservation centre and watch fur seals basking by the sea. We fly south to the Cape Peninsula, following the Indian Ocean coastline and travelling inland to the fertile valleys. We hike up the legendary Table Mountain and explore the ancient limestone Cango Caves. We also watch the penguins frolic on Boulders Beach and visit an ostrich farm in the heart of the winelands. This trip offers the chance to explore two unique destinations on one fantastic holiday.

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2017 - 7th Aug, 21st Aug, 4th Sep, 18th Sep, 9th Oct, 16th Oct, 23rd Oct, 6th Nov
2018 - 5th Feb, 19th Feb, 5th Mar, 19th Mar, 2nd Apr, 30th Jul, 6th Aug, 13th Aug, 10th Sep, 24th Sep, 8th Oct, 15th Oct, 22nd Oct, 5th Nov, 12th Nov, 19th Nov, 10th Dec

Excellent value, amazing prices, quality experiences. Camping most nights with some hotel stays to start and throughout. Affordable public and private transport for maximum cultural interaction.

Popular with 18-30-somethings. Yolo trips are built for those who want to take on the planet in a fun and affordable way with a small group of like-minded travellers. Skip the oversized tour bus and truly connect with your destination. Hit the highlights without giving up the freedom to mix it up according to your own tastes.

Cape & Dunes Overland

14 days       from  £759 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Cape & Dunes Overland

Experience incredible desert scenery and cosmopolitan city streets as you discover the diverse riches of South Africa and Namibia on this two-week adventure. Beginning in Namibia and continuing down the western edge of South Africa, this tour is a nature and adventure lover's dream. Explore the world's highest sand dunes, visit Africa's largest canyon, and explore Etosha National Park in search of the Big Five. Our expert CEOs will reveal the region’s hidden gems, taking the hassle out of travel so you can focus on breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife. This is truly an African experience.

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