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Beijing - Istanbul (2)Beijing - Ashgabat (1)Beijing - Tashkent (0)Beijing - Bishkek (1)
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Tashkent - Tehran (1)Tashkent - Ashgabat (2)Ashgabat - Istanbul (2)Tehran - Istanbul (1)
Ashgabat - Caucasus (1)Bishkek - Caucasus (0)

Tashkent - Ashgabat

This short route through Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan goes to the heart of the Silk Road following in the footsteps of historic leaders from Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan Tamerlane to the late President Nizayov of Turkmenistan and his futuristic capital of Ashgabat. See full tour highlights

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Uzbek & Turkmen: Cities of the Silk Road

14 days       from  £2650 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Uzbek & Turkmen: Cities of the Silk Road

This outstanding trip takes in four of the most important cities of the old Silk Road, and is perfect if culture and history are your reasons for travel. Starting your trip in Uzbekistan you will first visit the splendour of Samarkand, Bukhara and Shakhrisabz - the birth place of Timur - before crossing the famous River Oxus and entering Turkmenistan where you will travel on to Merv, one of the great emporiums of the Silk Road (until a certain Genghis Khan flattened most of it). After this you will travel to the curiously named and totally weird, modern capital of Ashgabat (the City of Love), then visit Konya Urgench before travelling on to Khiva. The tour ends where it started in among the leafy streets of Tashkent. This is an interesting and entirely original itinerary you will find nowhere else.

Details and Booking
2016 - 7th May, 3rd Sep, 1st Oct
2017 - 6th May, 3rd Jun, 2nd Sep, 30th Sep

Get beyond the tourist façade of the countries you visit. Focus on the local culture, past and present, and discover the lifeblood of any country – its people. Discovery and culture tours uncover different ways of life, and offer the opportunity to meet and sometimes stay with local people or tribal groups. Our discovery tours explore cultural sites – both ancient and modern – and help you learn about the people and their culture. Visit the remote tribes of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley, live the nomad life in desert camps or meet the local people of the high Andean altiplano in Peru. There’s no better way to get to the true heart of a country than through its people.

Wonders Of The Silk Road

13 days       from  £1629 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Wonders Of The Silk Road

We discover the culture and history of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and as we explore the ancient sites and ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage site at Merv and the Parthian Fortress of Nisa. We also explore the fabled Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Ashgabat, Bokhara and Khiva.

Details and Booking
2018 - 25th May, 7th Sep, 21st Sep