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Ashgabat - Caucasus

This route along the western portion of the Silk Road links Turkmenistan with Georgia and Azerbaijan either through Iran or across the Caspian Sea. See full tour highlights

Silk Road: Journey Around the Caspian Sea

16 days       from  £3295 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Silk Road: Journey Around the Caspian Sea

Turkmenistan, Iran & Azerbaijan - Spanning centuries, cultures and continents, the fabled Silk Road once snaked its way across 4,000 miles of desert and ocean, from the shores of the China Sea to the markets of Persia and the Mediterranean. Its ancient routes have echoed to the sounds of merchants and Mongols, pilgrims and pack animals and its very name still conjures up a magical sense of the Orient. Following in the footsteps of the traders of old, we pass along some of the lesser known ancient routes that meander across the deserts and mountains of Central Asia, undertaking a journey that takes us from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan. Along the way we will visit mountain strongholds and ornate caravanserai, explore some of the oldest civilisations in the world and meet many of the varied peoples who inhabit these lands. This is a journey that encompasses the cultures and traditions of countless ages and, as we cross the Karakum Desert to view remains of ancient civilisations and head up into the Alborz Mountains of Iran, we continue a tradition that has endured for three millennia. This incredible odyssey encompasses some of the most diverse and fascinating regions in Asia, where the ghosts of the past still haunts the landscapes of the present and where history and tradition assail us at every juncture. The Silk Road is long gone, but its legacy still remains.

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2016 - 7th May, 24th Sep
2017 - 29th Apr, 23rd Sep