South-east Asia has long been one of the most popular destinations for travellers. The Indochina peninsula comprising Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos combines beautiful and tropical landscapes, fascinating ancient civilisations and reminders of more recent difficult history, a rich tribal culture and some of the best cuisine in the world. To experience the best of each country, a circular journey around Indochina (or sections of the route) will take you to the highlights of this region. From the regional hub of Bangkok, one of Asia's most vibrant cities, you head to the architectural wonders of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, one of the world's most impressive historical sites. Crossing into Vietnam, you'll travel from Saigon and the Mekong Delta in the south to Hanoi and Halong Bay in the north, seeing this beautiful country and stopping in historical towns like Hue and Hoi An. The remote regions of northern Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand offer the chance to interact with a myriad of traditional tribal groups and visit the charming city of Luang Prabang in Laos before heading back to Bangkok.

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Routes for Indochina

Indochina Full Loop

The comprehensive Indochina Full Loop route goes from Bangkok through Angkor and Phnom Penh in Cambodia to Saigon, before heading north through Vietnam to Hanoi and Halong Bay, into remote Laos and northern Thailand before returning to Bangkok.

Tours: 6 available View highlights of this route

Vientiene - Angkor (via Hanoi/Saigon)

The route from Vientiane in Laos to Angkor in Cambodia encompasses most of the main sites of Vietnam, travelling the country from Hanoi to Saigon, whilst also seeing the best of Laos and Cambodia, including Luang Prabang and Angkor Wat.

Tours: 1 available View highlights of this route

Bangkok - Saigon (via Laos/Hanoi)

The long route from Bangkok to Saigon takes in northern Thailand before crossing into Laos and its cultural gem at Luang Prabang, followed by a comprehensive trip through Vietnam including Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue and Hoi An.

Tours: 4 available View highlights of this route

Bangkok - Hanoi (via Laos)

This route connects two of Indochina's major cities with an overland trip through rural northern Thailand and Laos, exploring the cultural richness and diversity of the area.

Tours: 4 available View highlights of this route

Bangkok - Hanoi (via Saigon)

This popular route from Bangkok to Hanoi explores many of the cultural and natural attractions of Cambodia and Vietnam that makes these countries such a draw for travellers, with Angkor Wat, Hoi An and Halong Bay being among the highlights.

Tours: 3 available View highlights of this route

Angkor - Hanoi (via Saigon)

This route incorporates all the highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia, exploring the history of their ancient civilisations (especially at Angkor, Hue and Hanoi), their recent turbulent past and the natural and cultural richness of these countries.

Tours: 8 available View highlights of this route

Bangkok - Saigon

A short trip between the two major cities of southern Indochina explores the highlights of Cambodia, in particular the spectacular ruins at Angkor, as well as Thailand's bustling capital and the fascinating lands and waters of the Mekong Delta.

Tours: 7 available View highlights of this route

Angkor - Saigon

This short route across southern Indochina takes in the spectacular historical site of Angkor Wat and the natural and cultural highlights of the Mekong Delta region, as well as the chance to explore the recent difficult histories of these two countries at the Killing Fields and the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Tours: 5 available View highlights of this route

Indochina Inner Loop

The Indochina Inner Loop is a circular route through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, exploring the highlights of western Indochina and travelling through the less-visited regions of southern Laos and northern Cambodia.

Tours: 4 available View highlights of this route

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Lonely_Planet Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand

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Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand

Aug 2014 (4th ed.)
512 pages

Author(s): Greg Bloom, Richard Waters, Iain Stewart, Austin Bush

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Footprint Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos


Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Feb 2013 (4th ed.)
462 pages

Author(s): Claire Boobbyer