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Venezuela Encompassed

18 days       from  £2595 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Venezuela Encompassed

Venezuela is a land of epic proportions. Spanning a colossal 916,000 square kilometres, the country is considered among the 20 most mega-diverse countries of the planet, with over 40% covered by protected areas and a truly staggering array of scenery. Yet despite the myriad of natural attractions, Venezuela experiences surprisingly low visitor numbers, and intrepid travellers are treated to an unparalleled experience without the crowds.On this all-encompassing trip we'll take in Andean Peaks topping 5000m, the vast grassy plains of Los Llanos which teem with wildlife, the mighty Orinoco Delta and of course Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfalls at 979m. In addition we'll also discover the traditions of the indigenous Warao people, the hidden depths of the Cueva del Guacharo and the awesome nightly spectacle of the Catatumbo lightning phenomenon. Venezuela may be more globally renowned for its oil and its charismatic leaders but in South America's sixth largest country lies an incredibly rewarding - and often challenging destination - that is perfect for those who are seeking an adventure into not necessarily The Lost World about which Arthur Conan Doyle so famously wrote but perhaps in today's context more of an 'overlooked world' just waiting to be explored.

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Colombia & Venezuela: Cartagena To Caracas

15 days       from  £2595 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Colombia & Venezuela: Cartagena To Caracas

Having spent years in the shadow of their more popular neighbours, Colombia and Venezuela will surprise many. Blessed with some of the richest bio-diverse landscapes in South America, they can boast endless miles of Caribbean beaches, Amazonian rainforests, Andean mountains and a rich indigenous culture that has survived the onslaught of invasion and the modern world. Beginning in Cartagena we’ll have an opportunity to enjoy one of Colombia’s most exciting cities, before driving along the Caribbean coast to explore the richly contrasting landscapes of Tayrona National Park and the La Guajira Peninsula. Crossing over into Venezuela we then head for Lake Maracaibo for the chance to witness the spectacular displays of the Catatumbo lightning storms and explore the fascinating stilt villages of Ologa and Congo by boat. Continuing on to colonial Mérida we then take in the diverse wildlife of the Sierra Nevada National Park, before ending our journey in Caracas.

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