We have carefully selected the following organised group tours from the world's leading adventure travel companies to offer you the best experience of travelling to Belarus. For convenience, we have organised these into country-wide tours and (where available) regional tours, trekking itineraries and multi-country overland tours incorporating Belarus. For further details and to book your tour, click "details & booking" to visit the tour company website.

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Russia, Belarus and the Baltics

15 days       from  £1799 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Russia, Belarus and the Baltics

This is the perfect trip to introduce you to the legendary cities of the old Soviet Union. You'll visit 5 fascinating countries and stay in 6 historic cities. Whilst in the Baltics you'll have the chance to marvel at Tallinn's Old Town, Riga's Freedom Monument and Vilnius University. In Minsk you can stroll down Independence Avenue. Then in Moscow you'll ride the metro to the Red Square and visit the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and Catherine's Palace at Pushkin. This trip is a must for anyone looking to soak up the history and culture of Eastern Europe.

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Get beyond the tourist façade of the countries you visit. Focus on the local culture, past and present, and discover the lifeblood of any country – its people. Discovery and culture tours uncover different ways of life, and offer the opportunity to meet and sometimes stay with local people or tribal groups. Our discovery tours explore cultural sites – both ancient and modern – and help you learn about the people and their culture. Visit the remote tribes of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley, live the nomad life in desert camps or meet the local people of the high Andean altiplano in Peru. There’s no better way to get to the true heart of a country than through its people.

Belarus Explorer

12 days       from  £995 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Belarus Explorer

Join us to explore the villages, forests and historic cities of Belarus and eastern Poland. We walk in the Berezinsky National Park and visit the town of Polotsk - home to the artist Marc Chagall. We also tour the Belarus capital Minsk and visit the 19th century Russian fortress at Brest.

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