We have carefully selected the following organised group tours from the world's leading adventure travel companies to offer you the best experience of travelling to Afghanistan. For convenience, we have organised these into country-wide tours and (where available) regional tours, trekking itineraries and multi-country overland tours incorporating Afghanistan. For further details and to book your tour, click "details & booking" to visit the tour company website.

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Standard Tours of Afghanistan

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Melons and Grapes – Grand Afghan Tour

15 days       from  £2550 excl. flights*

Each Autumn we run a trip to Afghanistan and we think it is the perfect time to visit. Summer can be blisteringly hot and winter icy cold. Spring has its charms, but for us Autumn is the best, and all because of the fruit. How a land that appears to be made entirely of bare rock can produce melons as large as beach balls and grapes bursting with juice is one of life’s great mysteries. This trip shows the best of Afghanistan with as much fresh fruit thrown in as you can eat. We start in Kabul before crossing the spine of the Hindu Kush through the Salang Pass to Mazar e Sharif to see the blue tiled shrine of Hazrat Ali and the remains of the once great Silk Road city of Balkh. Then we will move on to Bamian where we spend three days exploring the valleys, the Buddha niches and the lakes of Band e Amir. It is an area that allows us to experience what life is like in rural Afghanistan in safety. Finally we will take a short flight across the Hindu Kush to Herat, the most architecturally complete city in Afghanistan.

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Ski Afghanistan – Bamian

10 days       from  £1700 excl. flights*

Untamed Borders was the first company to run ski trips to Afghanistan. We will be back in 2016 for our 6th Afghan ski season, concentrating on skiing in the Bamian region of Central Afghanistan. Bamian now has a small ski rental shop set up by a local entrepreneur and has Afghan ski guides familiar with the mountains. This trip will be led by an internationally certified mountain guide assisted by local Afghan ski guides. Guests do not need any prior experience of ski touring and we know slopes suitable for all standards of skier. It is a chance to experience the incredible natural beauty of Afghanistan combined with skiing in one of the least visited regions in the world. We fly into Kabul and then we head to the beautiful and peaceful Bamian valley to ski in the Koh e Baba mountain range. We will also have time to visit the remains of the world’s largest standing Buddha statues that overlook the town and the ancient cities of Shah e Zohak and Shah e Golghola. Afghanistan is a country slowly recovering from years of violence and neglect but it has always been a magnet for the intrepid. The rugged landscape, the ancient history crossed with tough yet incredibly hospitable people is an intoxicating mix. The chance to truly blaze a tourist trail is a rare opportunity.

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