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Afghanistan & Tajikistan: Wakhan Pamir Adventure

20 days       from  £3895 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Afghanistan & Tajikistan: Wakhan Pamir Adventure

In Afghanistan’s distant north-eastern corner lies the Wakhan corridor. This narrow strip of land once formed the buffer zone between the British and Russian Empires and was of immense strategic importance during the 19th century Great Game. Today the area is inhabited predominantly by Wakhi herdsmen and is not only remote and peaceful, but is also blessed with some of the finest mountain scenery the world has to offer. From Dushanbe in Tajikistan, we will first travel into the Tajik Pamir to witness life here before heading to the Afghan border and into the Wakhan Valley. We will make our way slowly up the valley, visiting villages, taking some day walks and enjoying some traditional Afghan hospitality. We will stay in basic guesthouses throughout our time in Afghanistan as we discover the delights of this famed region. This is a trip right out there on the edge of civilisation: we will find no mobile reception, internet access or even electricity for the most part! What we will experience here though takes us back to another century when people lived in a very different way - unlike so many you hear about, this trip is a true adventure of a life time.

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Afghan Explorer

13 days       from  £4950 excl. flights*
Tour Map of Afghan Explorer

Afghanistan hardly needs introduction; just the name is enough to have most politicians panicking, journalists packing and travellers salivating with expectation. News, time and again over the centuries, has focused on this most extraordinary arid and mountainous country in middle-Asia and now, as always, its place at the heart of world affairs is as poignant as ever. Our Afghan Explorer tour takes you through the mountains and plains, following in the footsteps of Marco Polo. From Kabul and the foothills of the Hindu Kush, you will visit the extraordinary city of Herat, the famous mountain caves of Bamiyan, the breathtaking lakes at Band-e Amir, the historical northern towns of Mazar-e Sharif and Balkh as well as the famous Panjshir Valley. Afghanistan is undergoing tremendous change at the moment but for the vast majority of Afghans, daily life continues in much the same vein as it has for centuries and there will be ample opportunities to witness traditional lifestyles from farming and pottery-making to silk-weaving and daily prayer.

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