Travel Information for United States of America
Time zone:GMT -10 to -5 (6 time zones: eastern standard (-5), central standard (-6), mountain standard (-7), Pacific standard (-8), Alaska standard (-9), Hawaii Aleutian standard (-10))
Daylight savings:GMT +1hr, begins second Sunday in March; ends first Sunday in November
Main languages:English Other languages:    Hawaiian, Spanish
Currency: US dollar (USD)

1 = $1.11, £1 = $1.32

(rates as of Sep 2016)

Internet Domain:.usInternational Dialling Code:    1

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Further information on United States of America

Discover more about United States of America - the country's geogrpahy and natural features, an assessment of its status on freedom and rights and data on the country's population and economy.

Geography & Natural Features

Map of united_states_of_america

Total area: 9,826,630 sq km (664,707 sq km under water)

Coastline: 19,924 km (Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean)

Neighbours (border lengths): Canada (8,893km), Mexico (3,141km)

Climate: Varied climate depending on landscape. Tropical in Hawaii and Florida, arctic in Alaska, semiarid in the great plains west of the Mississippi River, and arid in the deserts of the southwest. In winter, the north-eastern states are freezing and snowbound, with milder weather in the south. There are risks of hurricanes along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts, tornadoes in the mid-west and south-east and forest fires in the west.

Highest mountain: Mount McKinley (6,198m)

Freedom & Rights

Summary status and rankings for United States of America from classifications of different organisations measuring political and economic freedom, democracy and civil rights. See more details of these rankings.

Freedom in the WorldFree -
Democracy IndexFull democracy 19/167
Economic FreedomMostly Free 12/179
Press FreedomSatisfactory situation 48/179
ILGA LGBT rightsSome rights -
Corruption PerceptionsLow corruption 17/174
Overall Ranking:    23/195

Other Data & Links

Full name: United States of America (USA)     Status: Independent Country

Population: 318,892,103 (rank: 3/196)     Density: 32.4 people/sq km (rank: 146/196)

Ethnic groups: white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%, two or more races 1.61% (July 2007 estimate).

Religions: Protestant 51.3%, Roman Catholic 23.9%, Mormon 1.7%, other Christian 1.6%, Jewish 1.7%, Buddhist 0.7%, Muslim 0.6%, other or unspecified 2.5%, unaffiliated 12.1%, none 4% (2007 est.)

GDP (PPP): $16720 billion       GDP per capita: $52,800 (rank: 9/195)

Information derived from the CIA World Factbook. Other country profiles: BBC News.