Freedom and Rights in Monaco

An important aspect of responsible and ethical travel is an awareness of your destination country's record on political and economic freedoms, civil and political rights, and corruption and press censorship. Here we have amalgamated data from a range of indices produced by different worldwide organisations (see details below) to assess the status of Monaco across these measures. Monaco currently has an overall ranking of 42 out of 195 countries. To see how Monaco compares with other countries, see our full list of countries freedoms and rights. Please be aware this is just intended as a broad overview and snapshot and the rankings are dependent on the criteria used by the respective organisations.

Freedom in the WorldFree1.5 -
Democracy IndexNo Data- -
Index of Economic FreedomNo Data- -
Press Freedom IndexNo Data- -
ILGA LGBT rightsSome rights4 -
Corruption Perceptions IndexNo Data- -
Average69.28 42 (195)

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Freedom in the World

Freedom in the World, Freedom House’s flagship publication, is the standard-setting comparative assessment of global political rights and civil liberties. Published annually since 1972, the survey ratings and narrative reports on 195 countries and 14 related and disputed territories are used by policymakers, the media, international corporations, civic activists, and human rights defenders to monitor trends in democracy and track improvements and setbacks in freedom worldwide.

Year of Report: 2015     Scoring: 1 to 7 (1=most free, 7=least free)

Results: 1.5 - Free

Breakdown: Political Rights (2), Civil Liberties (1)

ILGA LGBT rights

The ILGA Report on State-Sponsored Homophobia is a comprehensive outline of the legal status of same-sex sexual activity in countries across the world. In addition to core legal issues, it addresses issues around same-sex marriage and adoption, the prohibition of discrimination in employment and constitutionally and issues around hate crimes and incitement to hatred.

Year of Report: 2015     Scoring: -5 to 10 (-5=fewest rights, 10=most rights)

Results: 4 - Some rights

Breakdown: Homosexuality legal (2), Equal age of Consent (1), Incitement to hatred prohibited (1)